A Man and his machine thrive in the swamp lands.

“For any kind of dirt job I’m doing, it’s very productive. … I can make more money with Volvo because of the cycle times and the dependability.”
-Perry Autin

Born to do this

Perry Autin wasn’t born in the swamps and marshes of Louisiana, but he might as well have been. He’s spent a good portion of his life there. In his heavy Southern accent, he tells the stories of his early days, driving a marsh buggy through the wetlands, towing an oil exploration crew behind him. He helped design and construct the special vehicles capable of traversing the mud and muck of the deep South. And today, he’s as much at home there as any place.

“I’ve been around it all my life,” he says.

Today, Perry owns a fleet of excavators that operate on marsh buggies, the large tracked amphibious vehicles that use pontoons and are capable of floating. His company, American Amphibious Equipment and Rental Inc., does virtually any job you could think of in the marshes. It does utility and pipeline work, it builds levees and terraces, it conducts wetland relocation projects. Anything that’s wet, Perry Autin is your man. “Whenever you can’t use conventional equipment, you call us,” he says.

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